• Data Center Colocation and Hosting Services
    Data Center Colocation and Hosting Services
    99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    24/7 Live Support
    Full root access
    Highly customizable
    cPanel with WHM Control Panel
    Multiple Layers of Network Security
  • Broadband and Internet Leased Line
    Broadband and Internet Leased Line
    Gigabit Passive Optical Network Solutions
    Dedicated (1:1) Internet Leased Line
    Unlimited Broadband Internet Plans
    Network Design, Security and Maintenance
  • Network Security and Maintenance
    Network Security and Maintenance
    DDos Attack Prevention
    Network Access Control
    Application and Wireless Security
    Antivirus and Antimalware Software
    Data Loss Prevention
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Welcome to Softech Infosol

Softech Infosol is Category A ( PAN India) License Company providing consumers with a high-quality Internet access experience that fits both their needs and their budgets. We have an unique business model featuring proprietary technologies that enable it to provide members and corporate partners with a service that is designed to meet their individual needs. We provide to our customers with a choice of high-speed options rather than a single solution, we believe our customers will receive the greatest value for their individual needs and it's all under one roof ! We combines various Internet resources, services and information content and offers easy, simple and user-friendly access.


We try to excel in easy and convenient web use and fully support safe surfing practices. Softech Infosol is an acknowledged expert at effectively combining technical expertise and domain knowledge to offer customized solutions that alleviate the customer's pain points. We partner with our customers in conceptualizing and implementing infrastructure solutions that would align IT initiatives with business goals in the best possible way. Softech Infosol has built an enviable reputation of having designed, deployed and manage many mission-critical networks.


What's Included in our Services

  • Wifi, Wimax, Copper and Optical Fiber Campus Setup

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  • Web Designing and Software Development

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  • Network Security and Maintenance

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  • Internet Service Provider Base Station Setup

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  • Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

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  • Data Center Colocation and Hosting Services

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  • Broadband and Internet Leased Line

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