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Softech Infosol Pvt. Ltd. Revenue Sharing Plans

Active Connections
Above 125

Franchise Revenue Share

Active Connections
100 to 125

Franchise Revenue Share

Active Connections
75 to 100

Franchise Revenue Share

Active Connections
50 to 75

Franchise Revenue Share

Active Connections
30 to 50

Franchise Revenue Share

  1.  Customer will pay directly on website or Franchises may pay on behalf of Customer.
  2.  Rs 10,000/- Installation (Non Refundable) Rs 1,50,000/- Security cheque.
  3. Franchises will use their own infrastructure except Bandwidth Management System to distribute Internet.
  4. Company will provide and update Bandwidth Management System time to time.
  5. Contract period 1 year.
  6.  All Taxes extra.
  7. Franchises must have minimum 30 active Connections to stay in Contract.
  8. Company will provide Advertisement stuff to franchises.
  9. 30 Days will consider in every month.
  10.  Franchises will get excited Gifts from Company when reach specific Targets.
  11. Company start Two basic plans for new franchises and update rest when reached specific target.
  12. Total Active Connections are the total collection of month divided by smallest plan. 
  13. Company will provide backup link above 150 Active Connections.